Sunday, November 30, 2014

The bliggity blog is bickity back. I have this kid now. And I think I'm ready to start writing our lives down again. So here goes!

Taylor and I were so crazy excited to find out we were pregnant a little before Christmas last year. I even told my family on Christmas day, around the egg's benedict table - yes...I have now named it the egg's benedict table rather than the brunch table. The pregnancy was sloooowwwwwww....but very luckily uneventful. Henry kicked me like crazy, and I'm not surprised, considering how spastic and physical he has been since day 1! I had normal morning sickness in the first trimester, a generally happy second trimester, and a typically miserable third trimester. I was really good about keeping a journal throughout the whole experience, so I'll spare you every tiny detail, but I did want to post some pics and notes for my personal record-keeping purposes!! So here's a one-post forty week breakdown. :)

 15 weeks - highlights from my journal : "We went to a party and Taylor only had one glass of wine, he's so sweet!" Also I was having a lot of stomach pains, and was still working out.
  16 weeks -  I felt the baby move for the first time that day!
 19 weeks- at our sonogram the baby's heart rate was 141 and we had to close our eyes twice so we wouldn't see the sex! Still having lots of stomach pain and TONS of movement from crazy Henry.
We also babysat Stratton that night and were convinced we would be terrible parents, as we managed to make a perfect kid scream all night. Taylor was seriously panicked.
20 weeks- started wearing maternity pants to work!
21 weeks -started having horrible sciatic back pain (which went away in about a month thank goodness!) Randomly journaled about our first dining experience at Avelluto's - which is hilarious because we eat there all the time now and love it. This is also around the time I started peeing my pants all the time. That was fantastic. Taylor felt the baby move for the first time at 22 weeks. I also started getting a little worried about all the mexican food and cookies I was eating...because my weight gain started skyrocketing! Not to worry, these eating habits did not change. (and still haven't). At 23 weeks, I asked my dr. if all the STRONG kicking was normal because it was scaring me and waking me up, and she said it was - some women apparently go so far as to describe it as feeling as if their babies' having seizures in there! I didn't feel like it was that intense, so my fears were alleviated.

24 weeks - this is when it started to get harder to roll over in bed at night. Also felt baby hiccups! Started having braxton hicks around 25 weeks. At 26 weeks I went to the hospital because the tightening in my abdomen was so uncomfortable and it lasted about 8 hours straight. Turns out I have an "irritable uterus"....thanks Medicine, for letting me know that LITERALLY everything about me is irritable in my current state.
27 weeks - holy growth!! This was taken right after we got back from Colorado for our lame babymoon which was just that...lame. I now have very strong feelings about vacations while pregnant. Yes, it was great to spend time with Taylor and get away, but it's just not worth it when you can't enjoy things as much because you're cranky, waddling, and sober. Regardless, I grew this much because I overcompensated by eating my feelings on vacation. I also stopped going to Fusion around 28 weeks because it was getting too hard and painful.
30 weeks - VERY ready to meet my baby at this point!! Nausea was coming back, and I was an emotional wreck...third trimester hormones were not good to me :)
 32 weeks at our childbirth class! Taylor wearing the "empathy belly". I wasn't sleeping well starting about here, but was very excited about all the progress we were making on the nursery and the house!
35 weeks - super tired and crampy! Had all my baby showers by this point and was completely overwhelmed by all the love and goodness of all of our friends and family! At 36 weeks I was dilated to a 1.5 and 50% effaced.
 38 weeks - very uncomfortable, still lots of cramps and pressure all the time! Soooo ready!!
39.5 weeks - the day before Henry was born! I was about 8 hours into my 24 hours of labor at this point.

To be continued.....


  1. Did I tell you that I love this post?? You were beautiful pregnant and even more beautiful as a mom!! So blessed!! And now a new house too- yeah!!!!!

  2. So glad to hear about your pregnancy! Your baby boy is the cutest!